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Apr. 16th, 2012

Num3ers crossover

Another crossover fanfic I would like to recommend to you is: 'In another life' by Lyl.

It is a crossover with Num3ers and has Willow in a romantic pairing with Don Eppes, the FBI Agent and Charlie's older brother. It is not exactly alternate univers, but there is also almost no supernaturality in it. After reading the first chapter you will understand why.

One of the things I liked best about the fanfic is that you can really see how their relationship grows and deepens as they go along. It's not one of those "love at first sight" stories, but rather a "friends to lovers".

It's really sweet and entertaining, sometimes even very exciting, when Willow get's to know her boyfriends world of crime and justice a little too close and personally.

It is definetly worth the read.

Here is the link:

A little self promotion

After years of contemplation and consideration, I finally got a pair of (metaphorical) balls and started on my first ever english fanfiction.
It's a crossover with X-Men, but can be considered AU for the Buffy series.
In fact, the whole story takes place in the X-Men univers, with a different background for Willow (i.e. she is not a witch but a mutant here)
Now why would I do that, when I love Willow's witchiness so much?
It's simple.
The reason for this stems from my need to go about my stories as serious and logical as possible and in many cases, a merge between the Buffy 'verse and whatever else is just too chaotic, or unrealistic. Now if we do a crossover with the X-Men univers, then we would have humans, mutants, demons, Slayers, Witches, Werewolves, Vampires and who knows what else all together. Too much. And people knowing about Mutants but not about the supernatural? With all that's going on? Not likely.
I also only acknowledge the happenings of the first movie. The developments that took place in the following two movies may never happen in the fic. I may use characters from those movies though. But then I will introduce them differently in the fic.
It's a Willow/Logan(Wolverine) romance.
Logan in my version is slightly more animalistic and very possessive.

If I managed to pipe your curiosity, here is the link for the story:

If, for whatever reason, the link doesn't work, you can google the story title and author name: "A Warlords Folly" by "Vampswitch"

Apr. 7th, 2012

Willow Crossovers

Finally I'm back, and I got some new stories for you to read.

Let's begin with the story of a dear friend of mine, who writes under the penname Becastasy.

She has currently two stories out and both are worth the read.

Let's start with her first one, it's a crossover with Supernatural.

Title: Nobody expects a Spanish Inquistion

Pairing: Dean/Willow ; Sam/Willow   Not a love triangle. No cheating. They are both with her.

Short summary: Having cut ties with the gang in Sunnydale, Willow begins her new life as the Hunter Rogue, under the tutulage of Bobby. During her travels she stays in various towns and cities, in one of which she meets and falls in love with the young Winchester. (notice how I didn't specify which Winchester? :-))
Not acknowleding her feelings, thinking it's all hopeless and should be no more than a one night stand, she tries to go on with her life on the road, until the boys find her. With a surprise on the way, as well as the added complication of Willows surrogate family (the A.I. gang), Sam and Dean have to find a way to convince Willow that their feelings are genuine. Or was she right all along and this whole mess was brought on by the prophecy Angel and Bobby discovered?

The story is not yet finished, but I have all the faith in the world that it will be.

If you got curious, here is the link: http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-24879/Becstasy+Nobody+Expects+A+Spanish+Inquisition.htm

Going on, Becstasy is also in the process of writing a crossover with Twilight. And it already promises to be one delightful read.
Let me tell you in the beginning, this is not for Edward fans. In this one Bella is together with Jacob, as his legitimate imprint.

Title: Everything

Pairing: Paul/Willow

Short summary: After her breakup with Oz, Willow tries to find closure with the help of her Cousin Bella.
Who would have thought though that her being a witch from the hellmouth would cause such terrible chaos in the beginning. The story starts off with misunderstandings and bad first impressions and as it finally seems to calm down a little, things get more complicated when Paul arrives and imprints on our favourite Redhead. A fact which, at this point in time, isn't known to Willow and she is less than impressed with Paul after what can only be called the worst first impression ever.
Suddenly learning about the reality of the different species of supernatural existence outside of the demonic world of the hellmouth, Willow opens up to the group of werewolves - so obviously dear to her beloved cousin - about her live fighting against evil.
With everyones cards open on the table and mysteries from the past about to be unlocked, will the others manage to convince Willow to stay in Forks even after her college break is over? And most important, will Paul be able to win her heart?

Here is the link: http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-26280/Becstasy+Everything.htm

Nov. 10th, 2008

Newsflash! Or, The reason why I hate the Buffy/Spike pairing!

Don't you just hate the Buffy/Spike pairing in fanfictions, but have not yet been able to rationalize your hatred?
Yes, it may be because you think there is no greater thing then Willow/Spike (which is absolutly true)
It may even be because you absolutly hate Sluttys guts (which is really understandable)
And you also might believe that the producers of the Buffy series must have been completly drunk when they thought about introducing those two as a pairing (that was my first guess when I heard of it)
But it really is the way that the pairing is declared in the written form.
Pairing: B/S
Do you see it?
Let me enlighten you.
What you, my dear Willow fans, rightfully picked up on, was the synonymous double meaning of those two letters.
BS stands for BULLSHIT!!!!!!!

Apr. 25th, 2008

Lord of the rings

You know, in the last few days, I have read so many crossovers with Btvs and Lord of the ring, I was mighty confused as today, I watched the movie again and did not see Willow in it.

Apr. 16th, 2008

My first english fanfiction

I finally got up the nerve to sit down in front of my computer and translate the first chapter of my newly written fanfiction. Its not much as of yet, as the translation more than the actual writing had cost me much more time than I had imagined. But I wanted to know if even this small part is any good. Since english is not my first language and I am not yet very secure in it, I wanted desperatly to know if what I have translated so far is worth the effort, or if I should stick to my german and keep your poor eyes protected from my exceptionally poor english skills.
I did not want to put such long texts as a post in my Journal, so I wrote the chapter as a comment to this post here. Please, if you are willing to sacrifice some of your time to read this, don't try to spare my feelings and just be honest. Don't sweat, I can take it. ^^
I still need to think of a title for this story, so if you don't see one over the text, don't be surprised.
Thats it so far, so thank you for the attention and thank all who are now going to read the first chapter. Brace yourselfs.

Apr. 7th, 2008

Some links

To help spread the loveliness of Vamps/Willow, I decided to get some visual help. So here I will post links to videos and galleries that feature Willow and her vampires. I searched high and low for them and will continue searching so don't fret when you see that there aren't many yet.


http://gabrielle.magical-worlds.us/video.php  (Its the trailer of Gabrielles wonderful but dark story: Soulmates)


Riley/Willow (yeah, I know, he is neither Angel nor Spike, but the Video is fantastic so please watch)

The list will hopefully continue to grow. The galleries I will add later on. Help will always be needed and appreciated.

Apr. 5th, 2008

New one

It's Spike/Willow again. It's not very good, unfortunately, but I don't want to do it all over again. The next one will be better so.

Story: Spike sat behind her on the bed, his legs on either side of her, his arms twining around her waist, his whole body surrounding her. Holding her captive.
"There is no escape. You cannot get out of here, or away from me, so don't try it, love."
He felt her shiver as his left hand took hers, painting symbols on the inside of her delicate wrist with his fingers.
"Willow. You don't have to be afraid. I will not hurt you. I could never hurt you. I only want to love you."
"How can you say that while holding me captive in this place? If you loved me you would-"
"I do love you. I love you more than I ever thought possible. But I'm not stupid. I could have never won your love if I had allowed you to stay with those pathetic excuses for friends. They would have been there all the time. Breathing down my neck, telling you that I was a demon and you shouldn't be near me every two seconds, the Slayer just looking for any excuse to dust me. They would have kept you away from where you belong. With me. Forever."
He pressed a soft kiss to her eyebrow, trying not to growl as she leaned away from him.
"Spike, please think about this logically. How do you expect me to feel anything but resentment for you if you keep me locked up and away from everything I love? Please Spike, we were beginning to become good friends, we can work this out. I'm sure of it. We can still be friends. Just let me go and we will forget that this ever happened."
She looked up at him, her beautiful green eyes full of hope and he tightened his arms around her, illustrating that he wasn't willing to let her go. Anywhere.
"No. I finally have you with me and I intend to keep you right here. But there is no need for you to be afraid. No harm will come to you. Ever. I won't let it. And maybe you don't love me now, but that doesn't matter. I will show you how much I love you. I will shower you in love and romance you like you deserve. And in time, you will love me. And then we will be together forever."
Spike saw that she was about to protest and silenced her with his lips in a breathtaking kiss.


Mar. 31st, 2008


I have decided to really begin writing my first english fanfiction. The story is from the challenge I posted here where Willow comes in time to save Fred. Oddly enough, a dialog between Angel and Spike that will take place after they both bonded to Willow to save Fred and after Willow brought back Connor, about a few days before they do an ancient ritual to break their bond so Willow can go back home, was the first that came to my mind and I wrote it down immediately. It's just plain dialogue for now, when I write this part in the story, it will be properly done. But for now, I would like to know what you think about the talk between Angel and Spike, cause I am rather proud of it in reflection of my poor english skills. Just for your information, Spike does not have chip nor soul and he did not die, the amulet protected him, and Angels soul is permanent.

"I'm not doing it."
"What are you talking about?"
"The ritual. I'm not doing it."
"Spike, you can't not do it. Willow bound herself to us because she needed the extra power to beat Illyra. It wasn't anyone's choice."
"It was my choice. Granted, I would have bound myself to the moron and Slutty together if it meant saving Fred, but that doesn't matter. Because it isn't them I'm bound to, it's Willow. I won't give her up."
"I won't let you hold her here against her will, Spike. You have no right to stop her from going back to her life."
"What life does Willow have to go back to? Her so called friends didn't trust her and her lover lied to and betrayed her."
"Xander and Anya are still-"
"The moron and demongirl don't even live in the same country. Its just as easy for her to visit of phone them from here as it is from Germany. Willow had a lot happening to her in the past weeks, not to mention how seriously her feelings had been hurt by the ones she loved, and still she pulled through all that. She, the Cheerleader and Fred have become close friends in only a few weeks. Gunn has come to love her like a sister and she loves to let him play big brother. Wes nearly gets his knickers in a twist out of excitement because there is someone who understands all those boring things he talks about and still seeks out his advice. She adores Connor and everyone who sees them knows that the brat loves her just the same."
"Spike, Willow is more than welcome to stay here, but it has to be her decision if she stays or not and not because an unwanted bond ties her to us."
"But it won't be her decision can't you see that?! Willow may be upset and hurt by the way these soddin' assholes treated her, but as soon as she gets back there or they get a hold of her they will tell her how damn sorry they are and how they made a mistake and she will just forgive and forget. Its the way she is. Too bloody forgiving. And they still won't trust her and still use her as they see fit and still she will stay with them out of some kind of misguided loyalty and false sense of obligation. You want her to go back to that?"
"Willow is a grown and intelligent young woman who should be allowed to make her own choices."
"Even if those choices were wrong? Even if we know that she would have a way better and happier life here with us then there with them?"
"Its the right thing to do."
"Bloody hell Angelus! Once, just once don't hide behind this bleedin' soul of yours! 'This would be right' and 'that would be wrong' and 'the right thing to do'! Did you ever stop to think that maybe the right thing to do is not equal to the best thing to do? Has it ever occurred to you that sometimes the right thing is wrong? If you want to play the fucking knight in shining armor than do it elsewhere 'cause a white knight is not what Willow needs."
"Spike listen-"
"No, this time you will be the one to bloody listen. I love her. Did you hear that? I love her with every unliving cell of my undead body and have for the longest time. When I came here after the fight against the First, I thought I was trying to come to understand and get over my feelings for the slayer and yes, that was a part of it, but what I did not then realize, was that a part of me always had a thing for Red. Why else would I have driven hundreds of miles to get her to perform a love spell, when I could have just picked up a witch anywhere on the road. And this night in her dorm, I knew from the beginning that the Slayer wasn't there, I would have felt her. I came for Red. I wanted to make her my childe. My *childe*, Angelus. And the months after that? Who do you think made sure that Willow stayed safe while on patrol? And who escorted her home after research night at the watchers? Did you know that she was the only one of them that didn't treat me like I wasn't worth the dirt under my shoes? I had been trying to kill her and she comforted me, listening to me while I whined and felt sorry for myself, first about the chip, then about the slayer. Do you know that she was the only friend that I have ever had? Even in my human days as this pathetic, miserable poet, there was not one I would have called a friend. Sure, there was also Niblet, but she always was more like a little sister. But Red was there, listening and talking and trusting and helping and *mine*! Ok, so not exactly mine, but I hadn't realized what I know now and now she and I *are* bound and she is really mine this time and I won't give her up. I won't lose her and I don't care what I have to do in order to keep her."
"Spike, I understand what you are feeling, really I do, but I can't let you do that. Staying or leaving, being bonded to you or not, that has to be Willows choice."
"Yeah, I know that you understand my feelings. Because you love her too. Oh, don't look so shocked and don't even try to deny it. I know you Angelus. We are talking about the woman who risked her life, twice, to give you back your soul when she was merely a teenager. The young girl Angelus thought about making his after he finally offed the Slayer. The woman you confided in when you couldn't turn to anyone else. Who was your friend that accepted both parts of you. Who stayed in contact with you after you fled to LA. Willow, who gives a fucking damn about everyone, even those that don't deserve it. Willow, who teleported herself here in the middle of the night in her sleepshirt because a woman she just befriended cried out for help. Who bonded with two Master Vampires and risked her life without a second thought. Willow, who gave you back your son. Selfless, beautiful, sexy, gorgeous Willow. I bet you loved her even before all that. When did it start, eh? Over all your email conversations with her after you moved here? No, it was even before that, wasn't it? After your stunt in hell. That time I kidnapped her and the moron. I'm wondering why I did not see it then, probably because I was too shit faced drunk and too much into the insane bitch to notice."
"What are you talking about? I was not in love with Willow, I was just worried about her and I-"
"Don't try to kid yourself Peaches. This night, you weren't simply worried, you were terrified. I had thought my only problem after taking the witch would be the Slayer, but as soon as you figured out that I had Red, you nearly ripped into me. You didn't fear for a friend, you were trying to rescue your love."
"Thats not-"
"Your soul may be in control, but you are still Angelus. The demon is not a separation of who you are, but a part. Angelus wanted her. You want her. You love her, have loved her for some time and if you refuse to acknowledge this then fine, the better for me because then I get Willow for myself. But even though you are stupid enough to let the woman you love slip through your fingers doesn't mean I am. And if I have to tie her to my bed to make sure that she is here long enough for me to love and seduce her till she feels even a half as much for me as I do for her, then I will do it. And you won't stop me."

I share

Everything you see in this Journal, if it is a picture or a storyidea or whatever else that you like, please feel free to use it. What pleasure would there be if I couldn´t share with you?

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