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Angel/Willow recs

All of my recommendations have a happy ending.

So, lets start:

Angel/Willow fics

Consequenses by Fire Pixie

Why you should read this: There are not much stories out there wherein Willow gets to be pregnant. This is one of them and believe me when I say it is one of the best. I dont want to spoil your fun reading, so I will just say its romantic, sweet, dramatic and everything you want in a good story.

Here is the link:  www.redssoulmates.com/angel/fire_pixie/consequencesprol-10.html

Best laid plans by Gabrielle

Gabrielle is know for her rather dark stories and I am very glad that she made an exception for this story. After Willows controll loss with her magic her friends are cold and stand-offish to her. Willow then finds a spell that may just be the solution to all her problems. But you know what they say about best laid plans.
It is really an entertaining story and I especially liked Willows thought process and the fact that Gabrielle brought Connor (Angels son) in her story. Thumbs up.

here is the link: http://gabrielle.magical-worlds.us/viewstory.php?sid=335

Her Share of Devils by Karen (Upchurch)

Willow goes to LA for some magicbooks but is attacked before her departure. Angel and the gang get her out of the hospital and Angel is adamant that Willow stays with him during her recovery. The increasing feelings between them are put to test by not only Willows attacker, but the Initiative as well.   It is a beautiful story with great senitment. I loved every minute of it.

here the link: www.redssoulmates.com/angel/karen_u/hershareofdevils1-8.html

Dead. Lay Buried by T.C.

Willows radical plan to resurrect Buffy after the fight with Glory puts her own life in danger. I am loathe to say more, because I would give the story away with any more details, let me just say that you want to read this. It is sweet, funny, full of romance and feelings and drama and ... just read it.

here is your link: www.redssoulmates.com/angel/tc/deadlayburied1-5.html

Me and You... by Lightles

This story is really great. The story alternates between the "present" (May, 2005) and the "past" and tells of the evolving feelings from Angel and Willow after Willow succeeded to get Angel out of Hell. Buffy left Sunnydale after sending Angel to hell, but unlike in the TV Show she did not return until years later. What I liked most in this fic is the way Lightles describes the building relationship from Willow and Angel from aquaintences, to friends, to more. You will love it as I loved it.

Here the link: http://www.redssoulmates.com/angel/light

Under my thumb by Cyndy

Why you should read this story? Because I tell you to. Not enough reason for you? Oh well, then let me tell you some more. Ok here goes: Angelus pays Willow a midnight visit with the intention of... I dont know, but probably something evil. But, and that is a big but, he does not get to go trough with his sinister plan because Willow challenges him to a battle of thumb-wrestling. Which she wins. But with this she also wins Angelus interest.
Sadly, this story is not finished as of yet. Im not sure if it ever will be finished. I can only hope (I tried praying and wishing but it didn't work, so I settled for hoping). But even if it is not finished, you should read the chapters that are already online because it is absolutly worth it!!!

The link: http://www.redssoulmates.com/angel/cyndy/undermythumb1-5.htm

Soulless by Cyndy

Cyndy wrote this story, this should be reason enough to read it. Not satisfied? Ok, I will tell you a little bit about it. Summary goes like this: Angelus is back. He meets up with what remains of The Initiative and a certain redhead.     Really, who could blame Angelus for having a thing for Willow?

I found this story delightening and I loved every second of it. You will too. Promise. So, go on your merry way and follow this link: http://www.redssoulmates.com/angel/cyndy/soulless1.html


Soul food by Cyndy

It is the sequel of Soulless. If you liked Soulless, you will adore this story!

Here the link: http://www.redssoulmates.com/angel/cyndy/soulfood1-5.htm


To forsake all others by Jinni


This is an amazing story. Truly, fucking, amazing.  After Willows first foray in the dark magics and out of control, she promises to not use magic anymore. So when Wesley approaches her with his request to perform a spell to make Angels soul permanent, Willow searches for an alternative, so she can make sure Angel gets the chance to be happy, but not use magic to do so. Her solution is not only physically and emotionally exhausting, but also binds herself to Angel in the process. Without a way to tell him how she accomplished to make his soul permanent or even tell him of what she has to endure because of it, she goes to LA and stays with him to make sure that at least he will be happy.
This is such an incredible story. The lenght Willow will go to to help one of her friends is described beautifully. The way that Angel and Willow both start to tentativly love each other and all the pain Willow goes through when Buffy appears in LA after she heard of Angels soul status. The end is the best. So sweet. You've got to read it.

Here is the link: http://nha.magical-worlds.us/viewstory.php?sid=1091


I did a google search for Willow fic recs and found these. :)

Gabrielle is a good friend of mine and I'm sure she'd be honored to be included on this list. And Jinni's To Forsake All Others was one of the first Willow/Angel stories I ever read - and it's still a favorite.

Thanks for putting these up. :)


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