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Spike/Willow recs


You should read just about anything from Inell. She is a goddess. Believe me.

Burn for me by Em North (Emily)

This has to be one of the best Spike/Willow stories out there. It does not start with lust or instant love from both sides, which is quite refreshing if I do say so myself. And it is also not your typical hate-love story. It starts with a forced cameraderie that grows to a comfortable level of friendship. I like that the author does not disregard the original feelings of the characters from the series, even though Im no fan of Spikes affections for Buffy. But, thank the goddess, over time Spikes eyes are opened to what his feelings for Buffy are really like and most importantly, what his feelings for Willow are. Naturally, this does not happen without some major drama and angst beforehand. And what I like even more is that even after Spike has had his eyes opened it is not like the typical: I love you - I love you too - happily ever after... No. Our two sweethearts still have some bridges to cross and it is really wonderful to accompany them on their way to their hearts. You have to read this story. It is not finished yet, but Em North keeps a steady update and I hope I will be able to read the next chapter soon.

here is the link: http://nha.magical-worlds.us/viewstory.php?sid=523


Fancy Series by Cyndy

Cyndy is one of my favourite Authors in this Fandom. If you read her stories, you will know why. Now, in her fancy series, Cyndy took a different way as to what SHOULD have happend during the episode "lovers walk". With success. I dont want to spoil your fun reading because I said too much and took all the thrill of reading it away. Just believe me when I say you want to read this story. You really really want to. Just do it, dammit!!!!

The link: http://www.redssoulmates.com/spike/cyndy/fancyseries1.html

Spiked by Cyndy

Again, you should read this story even if that Cyndy is the author was the only reason. But it is not. Let me tell you a little bit of the reason to why you should read this story.

After Buffy sacrificed herself to close the portal after the figt against Glory, the scoobies and Spike took over patrolling, when someday Willow has a strange encounter with a special blond vamp.

It is hot. It is funny. It is sweet. Spike is being possessive and sheming and all the things we like about him. And Spike (cough clue-alert cough) is being possessive and sheming and all the things we like about him!!!! Read it! Read it! Read it!

The link: http://www.redssoulmates.com/spike/cyndy/spiked1-10.html


I put a vampire love spell on you by Cyndy and Sara

Whew, look, another one of Cyndys stories, but this one was written with the wonderful coauthor Sara. The work of the two of them has got to be the funniest and at the same time sweetest thing out there. It goes like this. To protect Buffy from all Vampires (and Spikes obsession with her) Willow tries a spell, but it backfires in the most wonderful way. It would have worked, if only a certain dark haired broody vamp hadn't been in the neighbourhood and thus been 'infected'.

The link: http://www.redssoulmates.com/spike/cyndy_sara/iputavampirelovespellonyou1-4.html


Rebound by Cyndy and Sara

I cracked up when I read this. Honestly, there is not one chapter where you will not laugh yourself silly. But likewise there are moments where your heart will beat a lot faster and you check the heater repeatedly because it has suddenly gotten very hot in the room.^^

It all begins very innocently, with Spike having to stay over at Willows for one night. And then another night. And another. and another...

You simply have GOT to read it. Do it. Now. Don't fight your urge to click on the following link. Its good. You want it. You know you want it. Just do it.

The link: http://www.redssoulmates.com/spike/cyndy_sara/rebound1.html


If only I knew then by Jennnillu

This is one delisiously long story with heavy plot. After the gang finds out that the masters reappearence was only possible because Buffy was resurrected, Buffy pleads to Willow to go back in time and change things. To not do the ritual to bring Buffy back after the fight against Glory. It is very hard for Willow to do so, but at last, she complys. Now, Willow is back a few years in her life, with all the memories of what will happen and tries desperatly to make it a better future. But it is frustrating how the things seem to keep happening and repeating themselves no matter how hard she fights. Add Spikes growing feelings for her, which Willow just cannot accept, because she is the only one who know how deep Spikes love was for Buffy and now Willow thinks his newly found feelings for her are just a substitute and not real. Can Spike convince her that what he feels is the real deal?

Go on and read it: http://www.redssoulmates.com/spike/jennnillu/ifonlyiknewthenI.html

If only I knew now by Jennnillu

The sequel to her story: If only I knew then. Sadly it is not finished yet, but there is still hope. Things get complicated when after a year, suddenly, Buffy returns to the world of the living, thinking it was merely days since the fight against Glory. Spikes and Willows feelings and trust for each other are put to an acid test.

Here is the link: http://www.redssoulmates.com/spike/jennnillu/ifonlyiknewnowI.html



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